Werkstatt Puppenklinik Köln

We repair your old and oved dolls, your stuffed toys and also your valuable china. Our goal is simple: It should be impossible to see that and where and object has been repaired.

It doesn’t matter whether parts of your doll where shattered, your stuffed toys or your teddy bear was torn apart or whether you china sculpture was dropped on the floor. We are there to make it look as i it never had happened.


But we not only help with major catastrophers. We are the right people to do “simple” cosmetic work like cleaning the doll’s wigs or replacing the missing eye of your teddy bear.

Puppenklinik Köln - Lager

Of course it isn’t only antique dolls we take care of. You can bring us your kid’s current dolls, be they made by Götz, Zapf, Sigikid or any other doll manufacturer.

Contact us to see ih and how we can help you!